This aspiring spellcaster uses his knowledge of the arcane to get what he wants. Although good-natured, his main goal is to grow stronger, through any means, in hopes of one day returning to his hometown of Osymel.

Osymel Edit

Guillio was born in the elven city of Osymel, where three clans fought for power: the Elanil, a family of strong sorcerers, the Kendel, a bloodthirsty band of wizards, and the Raliefs, who preferred not to fight at all. Naturally, all of these houses hate each other.

Guillio was born to the Ralief family. He was taught that the other two clans were completely savage and should be avoided. The Elanil and Kendel were always fighting about what was possible, what was ethical, what existed and didn't. Believing that the gods would favor the more-correct combatant, stubborn members would often have duels to determine the validity of their quarrels.

Just as any day, Guillio's mother went to the market to buy fresh bread for dinner. On her way home, she discovered a battle between leaders the Elanil and the Kendel. Arguably the two best spellcasters in the continent were in a particularly nasty fight about politics. Guillio's mother knew better than to stop and watch, so she started to run towards home. The Elanil leader cast a spell that shot black tentacles from the ground. They did nothing to the Kendel leader, and instead went for Guillio's mother. Her helpless body was flung high into the air, landing between the angry mages. Realizing the terror their fighting had caused, the two put down their staves and fled. The leaders of both houses were never seen again, and even after what happened, the factions brawled even more fiercely. This fighting left the Ralief families no choice but to leave Osymel.

Motivation Edit

Young Guillio was furious, vowing to one day return to Osymel and punish those who killed his mother and drove his family from its home. He figured that he'd have to become stronger than both the old leaders combined, while also knowing very well how the sorcerers and wizards cast their magics.

Based on his past, Guillio feels very strongly about some things:

  • Guillio hates politics because it was a heated argument that made the Elanil and Kendel so tense to begin with.
  • Guillio will do everything in his power to keep non-combatants safe. He believes that anyone who enters a battle should be prepared to lose everything, but no bystanders deserve to die because of it. Therefore, he prefers spells that are completely under his control.
  • Guillio is a naturally good person, but when the idea of growing stronger in any way comes up, few things will stop Guillio from seeking his ultimate goal of returning home to put a stop to the Elanil and the Kendel.