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Arthur Pendragon

Arthur Edit

Arthur comes from a long line of Pendragons, the same ones that ruled the land thousands of years before the common calendar was created. Arthur's wife was accidentally killed by himself and since then he went on to murder a half-orc by the name of Locust, to which he later regretted. Because of the death of his wife, and of locust, he has gone into deep meditation, and lost his way in life. It is unknown what Arthur is up to now. Here is a list of his confirmed bloodline.

Craigor Pendragon Edit


Craigor Pendragon, Last King of the Pendragon Era

Craigor was the last king of the Pendragon Era, where the pendragons ruled over all.

Safor Pendragon Edit

Safor was chosen by Mythorillia to be her champion at an early age, and his mission was to restore balance to a corrupted world, and create a world spanning kingdom to control the world. She gave him the name Pendragon and thus the bloodline was born. Since then there have been many champions, and they are usually chosen along the Pendragon bloodline as they are trustworthy.


Safor Pendragon, First Pendragon, First King, First Champion of Mythorillia


Melissa Pendragon, Mother

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Reddon Pendragon, Father


Uther Pendragon, Grandfather